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Where every game pays you to play.

We are a blockchain gaming studio that believes in story above all

Story is what speaks to us as human beings. It is what sells us on a good podcast, makes a good page-turner and lulls us to sleep at night. Stories create connection between us, sell us products and give us hope. Stories are the basis of so much of what we believe and the way we interact.

Attack Wagon believes in the power of story. We will continue to implement story in all we do and lead you on adventures for years to come. Join us as we learn more about Aethervale, Nora Nova and Mack Murdock. Hop in the cockpit of Crimson and hunt down the cult of the old gods.


A play-to-earn token set to change the gaming landscape forever

The token used by Attack Wagon is the $ATK Token, which is an ERC-20 Polygon Chain Token. Purchases within Scrap Guilds and other titles will be made using the $ATK Token.

In addition to this, the $ATK Token will also be used when buying and upgrading your NFTs and PVP entry fees. You will also be paid out in this token when winning rewards.